Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Patent Lick-o-Meter

I know, I know. Very bad practice indeed. Dogs should not be fed at table.

But sit and drool they do. Their patience is sometimes rewarded with a tasty snack from above which makes it all worth while.

The tastier the titbit the more licks scored on the Patent lick-o-meter.

Tonight's chicken and goat cheese wrapped in parma ham sent tongues licking off the scale.

We thought it pretty good too.


Diary Farmer said...

My mother used to tell me off for feeding our dog tit bits at the table, but since we don't have a canine companion now any taste testing is the job of yours truly. Only yesterday D said "see what you think of this, it's orange lamb".I expected something covered with all those e numbers that you're not supposed to eat. Instead a 'casserole' ladened with raisins oranges. It would have passed the lick-o-meter test with flying colours. I look forward to Sunday lunch as always.

Mopsa said...

Love that drawing!

Cowgirl said...

Wonderful! Josh seems to be in a perpetual state of 10-ness! He is worse than Niagra! Once I thought I'd left a tap running but it was just Josh drooling - honestly.....!!! Remember he's a Lab!!!

GeraniumCat said...

Love it! My husband gets all "holier-than-thou" about dogs being fed at the table - hard on the dogs, but must admit it makes for peaceful meals (in contrast to my mother's house!)

Onion said...

Oh my, what a fine idea! The test my owners use is what makes me look super-obedient. At the whiff of wood-roasted lamb I will gaze at my master or mistress in admiration (well, it looks like admiration - actually it's greed). The picture of the Lick-o-Meter is fantastic. Please can we have more!
And thank you for the message. I've been told cooked chicken is tastier than the feathered kind, but I'm still tempted to test the theory...
Big lick,

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