Thursday, December 27, 2007

Seasonal flim-flam.....

Is it safe to come out yet? What do you think? Dare I peek out over the parapet in the hope of spying some normality?

I've tried. I've tried very hard - and I think successfully - to pay lip service to the niceties of the season, (trees, cakes, pies, presents, goodwill to all men etc) - but it's not my natural habitat. I love the lights and the twinkling, the visit of my 3 wise young men and, sceptic that I am, can even find time for the Christmas story. I'm sorry folks, for me, bring on 12th night and The Last Day of the Sales.

Fortunately Welshpool does not appear to be in the thrall of the retail frenzy gripping the nation - cut price steaks vied with half-price Christmas cards in the town's new Sainsburys store. There didn't seem to be much of a rush for either. Further down the road in Cheap Charlie's Christmas Store, last week's forest of artificial spruce where ersatz polar bear and reindeer roamed in ersatz snow, is now a barren waste. Lawn mowers wait in the wings while desultory shoppers pick over baubles, reduced napkins and angels with broken wings. Perhaps the townsfolk have gone further afield or are glued mouse-in-hand to a computer screen and Curry's CutPriceSale.

I'm patiently waiting for the radio and the TV to be back to normal too. In the meantime I'm reading Byron Roger's biography of RS Thomas: 'The Man Who Walked into the West'. More of that later. Maybe.


LittleBrownDog said...

Am totally with you on this, Mountainear. I remember a colleague coming back to work after the Christmas break, saying, "Back to the daily grind, then". And thinking that, actually I much prefer the daily grind to all that glittery razzmatazz.

Happy New Year.


elizabethm said...

Now you would have a kindred spirit in my husband Mountainear, although you might do a better job of the gesture towards Christmas goodwill! I'm with you about being ready to get back to normal (as long as I dont have to go back to work).

mutterings and meanderings said...

I too get a bit fed up with it all - it drags on sooo long. I'm ready for a return to normality (and fewer fattening foods...)