Friday, April 07, 2006

We've just returned from a flying visit to Cornwall to see our friends David and Charly Rushby and collect 40 asparagus plants from them.

David and Charly live in a converted barn on the banks of the Tamar. They share their lovely home (as they would say in the pages of Hello! magazine) with their dog Scapa - a Hungarian Vizla. Here he is as captured by my mobile phone - a somewhat grainy picture which I'm blaming on the low light level.

They also have some hens but with bird flu in the offing they'd be advised to keep a low profile!

Our stay was too brief but we enjoyed - as ever - tremendous hospitality, and it was great to see the changes to the 'estate' that both David and Charly have made since our last visit.

David has built AN ENORMOUS greenhouse in which he has already planted fruit trees and vines and a crop of early potatoes. (The potatoes are destined for David's birthday lunch in May.) I believe the citrus trees are Charly's - and we look forward to a slice of lemon or lime in the G & T next time we visit. Charly has completely replanted the garden - a huge task which must have left her with aching muscles to say nothing of a depleted bank account. We're back with them in May for David's 60th birthday and will see how the borders have filled out then. They're blessed with green fingers and a very sympathetic climate so I expect great things.

I've come back inspired to carry on with my planting; seed sowing is next in our more modest greenhouse.

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