Thursday, April 13, 2006

Well known phrases and sayings...

The sky - a ribbon of red on the eastern horizon at 3.00am the other morning. Less good perhaps the day of evil weather that followed. Remember the one about 'Red sky in the morning.........'? A pretty sight none-the-less and almost worth being awake for.

Today, a swallow - the first this year - as I drove home through Pontesbury. Later, as recounting this to our neighbour, another bird swooped past as if on cue. Isn't there a homily about 'One swallow doesn't make a summer'?

John, who farms the land around the barn, called by this evening to offer us a 'bucket' of well rotted manure. 'Muck' he called it, generously offering to get it from the matured heap up the field rather than straight from the beasts. (And, by the way, 'a bucket' constitutes a pile about as big as a shed.) As we're still working our way through the last load - and very good it is too - we declined his offer.

Apparently, weatherwise, we're about three weeks behind this year. The land is still cold and there is no grass yet for the cattle, so they will stay indoors for a bit longer. We have a bull - Dover - and some cows and calves in the shed next to our barn. The calves are able to squeeze out between the bars and go exploring - the six of them had great fun in yesterday's sunshine, kicking their heels and sniffing the big-wide-world.

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