Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Plus ça change

Here I am introducing the birds to my new wellies, a very timely Christmas gift.  I think we're all a little surprised at just how bright they are in the cruel light of day. Nothing that a few outings in some good Welsh mud won't cure...

And, no, I've not been standing here for 12 months entertaining poultry with a variety of wellingtons. Really I've not. Though goodness knows, it sometimes feels like it .

Yep, those birds and I are still up here on the hill and they're laying remarkably well considering they're entering their second year of producing nearly an egg a day - each.

So I still trudge up here two or three times a day; it's not really a chore although when hunkered down in front of the log burner, not a prospect to relish. But boots, scarf, hat, coat and gloves on - or 'rugged up' as they say round here - and one's ready for all weathers.

This was my view of the small mountain kingdom this morning - long shadows, a sky of cerulean blue and snow tinged, from goodness knows where, with rosy light. We kept the snow for most of the day too - it melted quickly in the valleys - but eventually the temperature rose slowly. Now we have rain and wind and mud underfoot again.

So this morning up on the field, I stand and stare, feed bucket in hand, as I do come rain or shine, at dawn, at dusk or under the stars. It's is no bad thing; a moment to breathe and take stock before going back to the world and the wicked ways of its people.

The wind is now roaring outside. There's a newsletter to write then I too shall go to roost. In a few short hours the day will start over. Same old, same old.


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Your hens have a splendid work ethic !

Frances said...

Mountainear, I am late to compliment you on your marmalade production. I do love marmalade, but have never made it myself. I am lucky to have a city friend who does know how to made this delicous spread and generous to share her talent with me.

All the same, I think that I am missing something. By not having had hands on experience the creation experience.

And that leads me into telling you how much I do like those jolly boots. To have hens that provide you with a fresh egg every day...well, that sounds terrific to me. I'll think of you and those purple boots tomorrow morning as I boil my shop bought "organic, cage free" egg. I wonder about the veracity of that egg's provenance.

City envy of untested experience of country living, once again.


Pondside said...

I miss my hens. I miss the smug feeling I had on winter mornings after watering and feeding the hens - and coming in to find The Great Dane still at the table. I was a very Righteous Hen Keeper!
The boots and the view - the blues - gorgeous.

Twiglet said...

Our snow didn't last long but it's wild and windy on this side today. The petition is over 10,000 now and a question was asked in the House today!

rachel said...

Very purple, those wellies, and so shiny! I too have purple wellies, but cheap Factory Shop (our local boutique) and I'm sad to see that the difference shows....

bayou said...

Heyho, she is alive and kicking! Love those boots but you should have put round a nice and posh purple ribbon and bow, I think as you see often on Country Living high gloss pictures ;-)
Do you actually remember that you are 'guilty' that I have hens? Thank you again for all that fabulous inspiration, there are new Marans in town, one turned out to be a rooster - need a new compound now. The scenery here is a bit alike, snow and now the sun came out, a very shy guest these days. Cheers from Belgium and greetings to your GlamAs :-)