Tuesday, August 30, 2011

'A' is for Autumn.

...and 'B' is for Brrr....but for heaven's sake it's still only August.

That's what the calendar says but it does seem chilly and autumnal here...something about the tiredness of foliage and the cool dankness of the morning air. Leaves are changing colour  - horsechestnut and hazel in particular are already tinged with russet and gold.

So here I am anticipating an evening in front of a roaring log burner with a snoring bull terrier at my feet. We've noticed that the light levels have dropped. Last evening it was dark at 8.30. Sigh. Where has my summer gone?

There are compensations; our trees are laden with fruit; apples and pears and plums in variety. The local hedgerows (at least those which haven't been 'brushed' to within an inch of their lives) promise a rich harvest of blackberry and sloe. This bounty is due to a frost-free spring of course - anyone remember those balmy and unnatural April days which gave way to a cool damp May?

We've noticed large groups of swallows gathering and hope they are not on their way back to Africa already - the second brood from the nest in the field shelter has only fledged in the last day or so. I hope they get strong enough to make that remarkable journey south.

I find myself wondering as we had December's snow in November, May's weather in April and now this early autumn, have the seasons become so distorted that we'll find ourselves knee-deep in snow in October.  That isn't a thought I'm going to dwell on.

I shall go and pick blackberries instead.


Annie said...

What wonderful fruit. It's certainly more like autumn than summer isn't it? We were pleased to be tucked up in from of a log fire too last night.
A x

Twiglet said...

Yes I think we will be heading up to Roundton blackberry picking this week.

Cro Magnon said...

I really must plant a Victoria plum (if they're available here). We're having bumper harvests too; I've eaten more blackberry and apple crumbles than ever before.

Pondside said...

We are learning a thing or two about climate change over here too. We'll have no ripe tomatoes as everything was late due to the cool June and July. Now we're having gorgeous hot weather and it looks like Indian Summer will last a good long time - very strange.

Kirsty.a said...

Aaah well. In some parts of the world it's already September. Your fruit looks luscious - one of my favourite things about Autumn

elizabethm said...

I have damsons and plums too. Have you made damson gin before? I am intending to have a go.