Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Pretty good the night, innit?

Crystal clear and chilly. Moon like an orange segment. Owl making tentative hoots from an awfully close old tree. The longer we look the more the sky seems to fill with stars. Suddenly it's silly with them.

Have some of those lonesome thoughts about the vast foreverness of our universe. Feel small, and as usual, very vulnerable about my shoulders.

Have a little shudder. Come in. Shut door.

Will go to bed, feel safe, and with the duvet wrapped tight watch the moon rise through an open window - and please, please, please let there be the music of owls as I drift towards sleep..


Frances said...

Mountaineer, I love the observations and thoughts that you've included in this post.

Here in very electrified, plugged in New York, we do not get enough natural opportunities to think deeply and reflect upon the topics that might arrive more naturally in a star and moon lit sky.


Wipso said...

I could feel the chill reading this post. Beautifully written.
A x

Sallys Chateau said...

That sounds utterly beautiful, I could drift off very happily in those circumstances, I find owls hooting exciting and romantic.

Twiglet said...

Yes - I was sitting in my lounge watching that moon appear slowly over Corndon. It looked so bizarre - like a little silver tent, until it emerged completely. No owls tho!

Preseli Mags said...

Beautiful - painting with words. I love to hear owls on nights such as those.

snailbeachshepherdess said...

music of owls she says - just come across the valley and listen to astmatic albert on top of the bay window -coughing and splarting over his pellets - if somebody doesnt give him some night nurse soon he will be a has been!

Pondside said...

Whisk me away! What a lovely post. I rarely hear owls, but fall asleep to the frog orchestra - not many members on a fall night, and soon to be silent, but than all the more welcome in spring.

Nikki-ann said...

It's a little haunting when the owl hoots when walking alone in the dark. Still, I do like to gaze up at the stars twinkling above me.

elizabethm said...

This is perfect. I love sleeping with the curtains open and the moonlight streaming in.

IanMcL said...

Hello! I found your blog completely by accident whilst researching stuff for mine and was entranced by it!

So I am now a follower! I'm not that far away from you I suppose - geographically Wigan but temperamentally much closer!

If you want to check out mine its at



GeraniumCat said...

Just reading this before I change my summer duvet for the winter one, it's starting to get cold at night here, and I've been looking forward to snuggling up in the fluffier one all week :)

Jayne said...

Hope all is well in Trelystan, do take care.
Jayne x