Wednesday, July 07, 2010

My contender for the most boring purchase of 2010

£286.00!!! Splutter. Gulp. Gasp.

That nearly covers the cost of a flight to NYC. It's almost half a coveted iPad.  It could be something yummy and stroke-ably lovely....sigh

....but is in fact 2 new tyres for my car.  As thrilling a purchase as toilet cleaner, dishcloths or mouse traps. Gulp again.

A flat tyre warranted investigation at Jack's Tyres in Welshpool and investigation revealed both front tyres to be worn to a point of danger due to faulty tracking.  A blow-out at any point and especially at speed, was apparently a real possibility. Even my small, fluffy and unmechanical brain knew this was not A Good Thing and that making good was going to cost money. We'll gloss over the fact that Jack's Tyres fitted the last set and might just have noticed that the aforesaid tracking wasn't right before letting me drive off.

The eponymous Jack rustled up the least expensive tyres he could find and one of his team of oily young men fitted them and adjusted the tracking. If these are 'mid-range' how much are the expensive ones? And who, apart from Arab Sheiks, can afford to buy them? And why?

Still, I'm safer now than I was 24 hours ago and as much as I resent coughing up nearly 300 smackers for something as unsexy as tyres I know it's preferable to ending up as a mess on the highway.

See what I mean? Surely one of the ugliest and unwantable objects possible.


Cait O'Connor said...

I quite agree with you. Some things I hate spending out on and tyres are SO expensive.
I am still smarting at our ENORMOUS electricity bill last winter.

Fennie said...

It does seem a large bill for two tyres and a tracking adjustment. Still, as you say better be safe than sorry.

Kirsty.a said...

My contender for the most boring purchase was guttering - £1000 for a bit of plastic stuck to the front of the house! I could have had a beautiful new kitchen for that, which everyone would have admired. Not a single person has said 'OOH! Youv had your fascia done - how lovely it looks'!

Pondside said...

Yes, I agree - boring, boring. Almost as boring as our big thrill this week - having the septic system pumped out. Tomorrow the technician comes (at more cost) to inspect the pump etc. Believe me, no one will ever flush and comment on how well our septic system must work.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Sometimes being a grownup sucks . Never more so than when faced with replacing things one used to take for granted .
But I can still remember the heady delights of blowing most of one's wages in Biba and feeling devastatingly glamorous in the latest find .
It quite sustains me when I look at Adult Me in the mirror these days .... that and not wearing my specs when I do !

elizabethm said...

Now Ian loves buying new tyres and gets quite excited about it. I am with you. Perhaps we are entirely incompatible.

Nikki-ann said...

Cars just suck you dry of money, don't they? I've just spent jsut short of £200 on a service and I need something fixing as well as a couple of new tyres (and I had 2 new tyres back in February too!).

Wipso said...

Hmmm yes I have to admit they aren't really exciting but at that price I can imagine you are taking them off each night and tucking them up beside you. Not very cuddly though. Oh, and I couldn't see the gold lining on the photo :-)
A x

Twiglet said...

I agree - I had 2 new tyres and a new brake parts this year. Yes I know they are a necessity but just think what I could have done with all that dosh!!!

Pam said...

That's outrageous! Huge stonking mini-van tires over here are only $140 each. Car tires are about 60 bucks I think. Why so expensive in England?
Anyway, you are safe now, so that's good. Just don't go thinking you are Nigel Mansel now!

Calico Kate said...

Oh I so agree with you and all the others! Everything to do with cars is expensive and seems to be getting more so. I hope you were able to treat yourself with a little something, glass of wine, chocolate pud?


Reminds me of one snowy winter when my husband took my car out to take the children down the steep lane to the school bus specifically because it is four-wheel drive and his car isn't. Unfortunately he didn't realise that it had failed its MOT the day before for having four bald tyres and that I had an appointment at the garage for later that day to get new ones put on. He ended up very quickly in a drystone wall with the children screaming - and my car still has all the scars on the bumper to remind me!!
Yes, tyres are a VERY boring and expensive purchase, but, I have to admit, rather necessary....!

Sue said...

Oh, I quite agree! Just spent nearly that on two new headlights... because they can't repair the one that broke as they've 'stopped making them'. So, both have to be replaced. Grrr.

Thanks for your comment on my blog, it's nice to have you!