Monday, June 21, 2010

Longest day

If you live in the land of the midnight sun this is all going to seem fairly inconsequential - but I still find  evenings as light as this pretty magical.

I watched a thin red line on the horizon shortly after 4.00am this morning; dawn. It was light enough to see nothing was happening in the field under our window. Birds, beasts and people slept on. Me included.

The day rattled by - wall to wall sunshine. Places to go, people to see. Holes to dig, plants to plant. Stuff to do. Stuff not done. Sigh.

Now at 10.32pm it's only vaguely dark outside. I've watched flirty pink clouds jib from west to north; seen vapour trails from mile-high planes trace grey lines from north to south. In the west the sky is the palest clearest blue. Hens are reluctant to roost, daisies are luminous on the bank and somewhere in the distance a tractor driver makes a last cut of hay. There's a moon somewhere too. I can see my hand in front of my face, read the headlines in the newspaper - and if I wasn't so damned tired I'd go for a walk. Right. Now.

As it is I think I'll turn in - better make the most of what is probably the shortest night.


elizabethm said...

I walked outside, glass of wine in hand, for a long time. I went in for my camera, failed to capture what I was looking at, got another glass and came out and just sat.
Happy longest day!

Joanne said...

Happy Summer Solstice!
I just loved reading your detailed description of your day...hope you get some sleep tonight and that your night isn't too short:)
I love this time of year!
Joanne, who also posted about this:)

Pondside said...

As I write, at 2151 over here, there is still light in the sky. Sad to think that tomorrow the days begin to shorten and we haven't yet had any summer! When we lived in norther Alberta we had light until nearly midnight at the solstice.

Kirsty.a said...

Yeah, love the longest day. My evening class finished at 9pm and there was still enough daylight to sit outside with a glass of wine

Wipso said...

My fav time of year. I love the early mornings and the long light nights. Guess we just have to make the best of it :-)
How's those baby chickens? I guess not babies any more.
A x

Fennie said...

Yes, we shouldn't knock it, though I can never sleep properly until something tells my system that the nights are lengthening again. I wish I could be like William Cobbett and rise at dawn in summer and 6am in winter. But I can't.

A lovely enjoyable reflection on Midsummer.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I love the freedom the summer brings and I'm hoping it gets warm enough to sit outside eventually this year ! Though , if I had your view , I'd just wrap up warmly and go out willy-nilly .

bayou said...

The best longest day moments I had were in Iceland many years ago. We sat on the beach and watched the sun go down at about midnight and then some half an hour later, it reappeared just 10 cm right to where it had gone down. Everybody should go to the North and experience it - worthwhile in a lifetime!
This is high life, isnt't it?