Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Duh! The difference a day makes.

Stupid or what? (Don't answer that. Rhetorical question.)

I've been labouring - and I do mean labouring - under the misapprehension that New Year's Eve is on Friday. I've vac'ed and wiped at a gentle pace and Silvo'ed the family silver*. This last task I found was actually rather pleasant and restful - no pressure - listening to an audio book and letting the cares of the world wash away.........tra la. Dogs snooze by the Aga, outside the snow falls, all is silent and still at this end of the Long Mountain. Domestic bliss.

Our son phones, asks how to make vegetable soup and tells us his plans for Thursday. Thursday? What is so special about Thursday?

O.M.G. Thursday is New Year's Eve. Eeeeek!

Oh dear. Like a cartoon character I go into overdrive, arms, legs and brain flailing. I need to feed eleven hungry souls. A day makes a huge difference.

Expect nothing coherent from here until I have a plan. I am working on that.

*Family silver? Sounds good but don't get any ideas - we've only some pretty coffee spoons, 4 candlesticks (which I could use to bonk burglars over the head with if provoked), 8 napkin rings and a christening mug.


Morning's Minion said...

Faced with a similar dilemma I would likely brew up a big pot of good soup, make bread, and offer a salad, and an assortment of cheeses and crackers for nibbles. Maybe some fresh fruit. Chocolate brownies[ the fudgy kind] from a mix---and make a last minute swoop at the accumulated cat hair. Candles--kinder to the clutter!

elizabethm said...

great advice from mm there. I would be going into overdrive myself too. I must admit to a guilty sense of relief that the next round of visitors (to add to those still here as elaborated last time - two adults, two children under three - are not now coming owing to child's illness). Clearly I wish the child well and it will be sad not to see our very dear friends, but I don't have to do much now, except watch the snow fall.

Pam said...

How about using that wonderful pizza oven in the garden? Hang up some twinkly lights and hope for a clear crisp night.
Good luck and THANKS for the sweet message you left for me - I'm going to take you up on 1 or 2 of those offers next year. Happy New Year!

Wipso said...

It's been a week of Saturdays to me so Thursday could be a long way off yet :-) You are always so organised I'm certain you will manage something wonderful. Have a wonderful time.
A x

LittleBrownDog said...

Big Soup and nibbles sounds like the way to go (mind you, I do like the pizza oven idea. Although I've heard that a lot of snow is expected in Wales...)

Have a lovely one whatever you decide to eat.

Mopsa said...

Soup? M'ear? Nah. You'll be baking and a bubblin and a roastin and all good things til the house itself smells good enough to munch on.

Nikki-ann said...

No plans here at all for NYE. However, cupboards are fully stocked should visitors arrive and if there's 1 skill we have around here it's the ability to russle up some nibbles in short time! :D

rachel said...

So pleased to hear that it's not just me...... after sending son to station to pick up his aunt a whole day too early, it's a relief to hear that other seemingly-sensible people can get thoroughly muddled too.

Time for us all to put our feet up, stop all that cooking and eating, and read some of our Christmas present books instead?

snailbeachshepherdess said...

well we are having one of our street parties - curry and jacket pots outside.....we'll send a firework up for you