Sunday, February 15, 2009

Riley's cowshed.

Hmm. How nice it is to have a day to call one's own.

Today I have been mainly worshiping the household gods; spritzing, blitzing and giving anything that can't move a good wipe down. Sounds like we've got visitors? Indeed we have - arriving tomorrow - and very welcome too. I think everything that should be is clean and shiny, bed linen is crisp, flowers are fresh and meals are planned. (The dogs need a little more work - they still have that 'je ne sais quoi - l'arĂ´me du chien' about them - we'll air them tomorrow.) all in all a reasonably satisfying day: jobs done, boxes ticked etc.

But - and there always is a But - work has been done to the tune of 'Riley's Cowshed.' Yes, it's ear worm time again and today's irritant was 'Riley's Cowshed' - the tune on our pantomime song sheet last night. Bert and Ernie, bless 'em, unfurled the sheet (so recently lettered in Maureen's front room), and urged the audience to join them in one, two, three even, rousing choruses. The audience needed little encouragement and sang their hearts out.
'I met her ...who?
Bandy Bertha...when?
In the merry month of May,
I teased
When I freezed her
In the duck pond Christmas Day
I hugged her...why?
Cos I loved her and I know she's mine alright
Cos I kissed her... where?
On her birthday
In Rileys Cowshed, last night
Me, in my eyrie above the crowd - the lighting box - I anticipated the worst. This was a ditty which wasn't going away. Round and round and round my head it went.....Anyone keen enough should look out for a copy of Adge Cutler and the Worzels 1969 album 'Carry on Cutler' although I suspect it's origins are earlier than that - music hall perhaps. The old ones are the best aren't they? Maybe not.

However I'm pushing it to the back of my mind and hope to take a rest until Friday at least when we try and adapt our performance for the small stage at Marton Village Hall.

Last night at Whitchurch? Chirbury and Marton did well receiving, much laughter, participation and applause. Unfortunately they didn't make the final 4 but Huw won 'best male performer' - a well deserved award. It would have been interesting to have seen the pantomimes put on by those who did win just to see what we were up against but I'm not sure I would have had the stamina. As I anticipated a couple of weeks ago panto is not my favourite dramatic form and I'm even less keen now after 3 weeks of total immersion.

Time to move on to something new.....I feel spring may be in the air.


KittyB said...

I have a wonderful mental picture of the dogs hung on the washing line by their collars to air...

Pondside said...

All that industry - bottle it please and send it over the Pond. My place looks like a dive and I have little ambition to change it today.
I wonder what your 'next thing' will be? I'm glad, for your sake, that the panto is all over, but I have a feeling that there is something new lurking around the corner.

Twiglet said...

Yes, pring definitely in the air - snowdrops, catkins and lambs all evident between our hills and yours. Might even do a little spring cleaning myself!!

Twiglet said...

OOps lost the S in spring somehow!!!

muddyboots said...

spring cleaning and panto, l do hate those songs that go round and round and round in one's head, trying to persuade our YFC to take part in dram competition - they have never heard of it - perhaps a village production 1st?

elizabethm said...

I can just see your lovely house all spick and span and shining with the crisp bed linen and the flowers - sounds so inviting you may have an influx of uninvited bloggers.
And spring, oh yes please, getting quite close now.

Un Peu Loufoque said...

How can you not lve Panto!! We went to see adn ANglo french oen recently, UNtil you have seen Jack adn the Bean stalk with jacks dafty half brother played by a very bouncy long legged french farmer in tights you Have (with a silent H and the emphasis on the A as hte French do it) not ived belive me!!

Pam said...

You have been a busy lady! I really must spring clean too but find all kinds of excuses to sit and blog instead :-)
I wish I could have seen the production - sounds great.

Exmoorjane said...

I too love the dogs being aired. Oh, and the song too - we saw the Wurzels (well, what remains of them) at a Wassail a few weeks back....

snailbeachshepherdess said...

Right - thats all done and dusted! Whats's next?

Mopsa said...

Oh goodness, could you move in for a week? This place is a shit heap and I have no energy left to deal with it.

Anonymous said...
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