Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Shopping with the very best of intentions.

Got me some new green wellies. The old faithfuls had finally sprung a leak, and with the weather being as beastly as it is, a new pair were needed asap.

I thought I'd do the decent thing - buy the priciest pair in the shop and invoke the Sod's Law which states 'you've spent all this money on the Rolls Royce of wellingtons - now watch the sun come out to play thus relegating this pricey purchase to the back of the boot room.' I dreamed of an Indian Summer, my tanned feet shod in dainty and be-jewelled slippers. All very altruistic.

I tried on the Le Chameau (£61.90), the Hunter (£41.60) and the Seals (£39.00). Sadly they didn't fit or were not available in my size. Had a brief hissy fit. There was nothing for it but to buy the store's best selling and cheap-as-chips boot 'The Administrator'. Fab and incongruous name and ugly brutes too, but a snip at £8.50.

Remember the Sod's Law which states that 'if you don't like it then it will be necessary to wear it at every possible moment'? (School uniform is a case in point.) I feel the blasted things will be on my feet for the foreseeable future. The ongoing deluges will, erm, on go.

Sorry chaps. I meant well.


Mopsa said...

ha! Every farmer round here has some of them £8.50 boots and they go on for EVER! Me, I like a swanky neoprene lined Aigle for winter use. It shows I'm an incomer, but a proud one (with the warmest toes).

elizabethm said...

We have rigger boots, perhaps not waterproof for wading but for everything else. They are heavy as heavy though, you can feel yourleg muscles working just lifting your feet up.

snailbeachshepherdess said...

Yes we all have the £8.50 sort here ...funnily enough they do last well too!