Sunday, May 25, 2008

Rainy Bank Holiday Sunday

The sheep on our field have turned their backs into the wind and are hunkered down miserably around the compost bins. Swallows are swooping and diving between the trees in the dingle as they do whenever the weather is poor. It's a bit inhospitable out there today - it's a day for the delights of the Great Indoors.

I must be the only person glad to see a drop of rain this weekend - my infant vegetables are desperate for a drink. Hopefully after this weekend's dousing they will grow like, well - weeds. (The weeds are, of course, doing quite nicely - thank you - of their own volition.)

In a perfect world rain would have fallen gently through the hours of darkness and cleared up in time for a sunny Bank Holiday barbecue with H and S. However, today we have sheets of rain, a gutsy wind driving in from the north east, swathes of mist over Badnage Wood and, as for some annoying technical reason the Aga refuses to re-light, a cold block of cast iron standing in the kitchen. (A sort of 'cold-iator'.) Brrrr.

I'm off to light the wood burner.


Totty Teabag said...

I wish I could gloat that our weather is better...but I can't... :}

snailbeachshepherdess said...

its Bank holiday weekend always does this ...I refuse to book any holidays during this week ...I could list the disasters we have had during this week S Wales, in N Wales, in Mid Wales, Cornwall even ...I remember them well ...log burner going well on this side of the valley too. Lets hope it is at least dry for Wednesday evening..

elizabethm said...

Oh yes, me too, I haven't really minded the rain as the garden wanted it so much. We have the woodburner lit here too.