Friday, August 03, 2007

Funny sort of week. Bit of this. Bit of that.

The sun shone, albeit begrudgingly and an amber moon was spotted full and low on the horizon.

Colourful in parts; white currants were picked and turned to jelly - a bewitching process which turns these pearly berries a transluscent rosy red.
Peas were picked - only a month late - sweet, green and toothsome.

The young Magnolia grandiflora produced flowers of a stature far beyond its tender years. Whitegorgeousblowsywaxy blooms too beautiful to last - and fade they do, even as we watch the petals unfold.

The hovel building project moves on apace - see, we now have timbers in place. Well done that man! Each piece of wood has a name; wall plate, tie beam, joist, rafter, king post, queen post - whatever. This airy structure now has a sense of volume and reminds me of an early art school project where, with limited materials and imagination we made 'space frames'. 'nuf said.

Wilson is much better, thank you. Having visited the vets' 5 days running we are both hoping That's It. Chester, who has been under the surgeon's knife having his cruciate ligament repaired (ouch) is currently a three-legged dog sporting a shaved leg and an impressive blanket-stitched wound. 6 weeks Complete Rest have been ordered. No running, jumping, skipping or other exhuberant dog activity. Quite how we are going to achieve that I'm not sure.

Me? When I've not been hanging about on the end of a dog lead or wooden spoon I've been mounting the 'village life' exhibition to go on display in the village hall at the end of the month. Nothing like a deadline to spur one into action is there? Have definately breathed in too much spray mount today.

Not much of a week really......and at the end of it, up here on the Long Mountain there is a sweet and gentle bit of drizzle in the air. The News has just reported a case of Foot and Mouth in Surrey. No stars tonight.


elizabethm said...

what utterly amazing pictures. i love them and your blog. have come back from holiday to foot and mouth news - scary.

Pondside said...

Your photos are stunning - could be posters!
Your 'not much of a week' certainly reads like a lot of activity! I love to read the details of everyday life - like meeting your neighbour,etc. I hope you'll blog about your village life display soon!

Wipso said...

Big hugs for both Wilson and Chester. As for 'not much of a week' it doesn't sound like you have had much spare time. Really love the 'developments' in your garden. Would love more time to spend in ours but business is booming and social life has been a bit hectic [went to beautiful wedding at weekend] so the garden has had to take a back seat so maybe next week......

Mopsa said...

Ow. Cruciate ligament healing process is terribly tedious - keeping bouncy dog unbounced is a skill that no vet, however charming and knowledgeable, has been able to share.
Ooh. Building project! Will want updates!

mutterings and meanderings said...

I alwas wondered what one did with white currants ..