Friday, September 22, 2006

Cowboys and Injuns.

We have a party in the diary - a suprise 60th with a theme. Cowboys and Indians. OK.

Which leaves us with the question: 'What to go as?'

Cow Girl or Squaw? - neither held much attraction. The word 'Squaw' for a start - how appealing is that? The probability of looking like a sack of potatoes embellished with feathers and beads was not attractive either.

So I'm going to be a good-time gal from the Last Chance Saloon (aka Westbury Village Hall). Did a bit of research yesterday in Shrewsbury and drew a bit of a blank. Only Ann Summers, where I had great fun trying on tacky red and black, satin and lace bustiers, came close. I was quite tempted but I'm not sure about the underwear as outerwear scenario. Only Madonna, Kylie and Australian aboriginal mamas seem to be able to carry it off with aplomb. The rest of us just look as if we've got dressed in the wrong order.

Have resolved to dust off the sewing machine and whip up something suitably frothy.

Glass of Red Eye anyone?

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