Sunday, June 18, 2006


Not such a warm day here, and a little rain this morning.

Dan and Harry came down from Stockport this afternoon. Dan brought with him this wonderful cheesecake he'd baked. So good I ate 2 slices........and am looking forward to a morsel more tomorrow.

Thank you Harry for helping me with my .mp3's and my .m4p's. As importantly, the audio attached to my 'Bling' post below should now be playable thanks to his manipulations.

I am now much wiser re How To Post Music but wonder why things have to be so complicated. It's like this whole wide web world is full of its own secrets and conventions, with a language of its own, where not all the rules apply all of the time - and just when you've grasped them - heh! The boundaries shift somewhere bigger and brighter. And don't even get me started on whose door I want to lay some of the blame.

So with apologies for this minor rant and adding thanks to Harry for this little sketch, I'll end on a positive note. Bull terriers are ace!

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